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By: Inspector David Six

Recently, while doing an inspection report, I noted that the sewer cleanout plug (shown in photo) had been changed.  This is an indication that someone has either had to snake or in some way check the sewer line to the street.  While relaying this information to the client, I recommended that a licensed plumber be brought in to scope or put a camera in the sewer line to confirm that no problems existed.  Sadly, the client did not heed this advice.  A short time after they moved in and started using the water, the floor drain began to back up.  The tree roots were grown into the sewer line and had caused extensive damage to the clay tile.  This repair cost the buyer thousands.

Just last week, I was contacted by an agent that I had done an inspection for only a week or so earlier.  She was very pleased that I had recommended a plumber check out the sewer for the same reason as earlier.  The plumber confirmed that tree roots had indeed grown into the line and had damaged the clay tile.  Ultimately, this had saved her clients around $3,500.00.

For decades the sewer lines installed during construction were made of clay tile.  This material was cost effective and functional, however, due to shifting and settling of the trench after construction, gaps can open up at the joints.  Tree roots that are seeking nutrients will find these gaps and exploit them- often causing sewer backups and damage.

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