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Looking for a significant other can be compared to looking for a house to buy. In some cases, a person may have expectations that are too high or just simply unreasonable. They might end up searching for most of their life…or most of their real estate agent’s life. Others have fewer expectations and simply settle for whatever presents itself as a viable option.

Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign and Affectionate Military Couple Looking at Nice New House.

Some buyers searching for a house may want a more mature match with character and an interesting personality. Some want a newer, younger house with no visual imperfections.

As a home inspector, if “love at first sight” does not happen, I’d like to think most people find a happy middle ground and end up loving their choice while understanding some parts may require some tender loving care or a new furnace.

Home inspectors are supposed to let our clients know all about the current condition of that special house they are in love with and ready to commit to. We don’t want to be in the business of breaking hearts, but it’s better for a buyer to learn the potential concerns before they decide to commit for the long term.

Usually during a home inspection, I am reaffirming that the bond between buyer and home will be a strong and beneficial one. Being part of what is for most people a momentous, exciting time is one thing that makes home inspecting a rewarding profession.

I believe 2017 will be a strong year in real estate with Home Standards continuing to help people find houses to fall in love with.heart house