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The BrickWhile inspecting a roof, I saw a brick near the furnace flue.  I made my way over to investigate.  I reached down to pick it up and realized it had been tarred to the roof.  I came to the conclusion that the homeowner had put the brick there to secure the flashing around the furnace flue.

It may have been done when the store was not open or several other reasons for not just using a few roofing nails.  I would also imagine that all along the intention was to get roofing nails to make the correct repair.  Oftentimes, life has a way of giving us bricks instead of the nails we need.  It would seem we all have at least a few of them.

A home inspection is key to alerting home buyers to sometimes less than obvious “bricks” that may exist in, or in this case, on their prospective properties.  Identifying these issues will help create more informed and satisfied buyers.

By: David Six


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