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Washer hosesYes, sometimes it’s those little forgotten items in your home that can cause the largest inconveniences. One example- behind your washer there are 2 or 3 water supply hoses. (If you have a dryer with a steam option, then you have 3.) Most of these are just rubber with metal fittings on the end. We use them year after year and think nothing of them. As the rubber breaks down, the hose will show a bulge (see pic). This bulge is a future rupture waiting to happen! Something as simple as the washer valve closing can create a water pressure shock and cause the failure. If the hose bursts, it is connected to a 1/2” water line with the capacity of flowing up to 1200 gallons of water per hour! (Pause for effect…imagine the mess!)

However, there are products to help protect your home. The first step, is to not buy the cheaper all-rubber hoses and step up to the braided steel-covered lines. Second, is an automatic sensor and shut off valve that will shut the water off when a leak is detected. These items are far less expensive than your insurance deductible. Okay, now go to the laundry room and check those hoses!