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Jon Vacha Bio Photo Blog The Benefits of a Pre-Listing InspectionBy Jon Vacha
Vice President, Home Standards Inspection Services

By being proactive and investing in a pre-listing inspection a seller can enjoy many benefits.

The inspection can help the seller avoid surprises and identify and prioritize the list of concerns buyers will see or become aware of. But what about sellers who don’t necessarily want to know what is wrong with their house? The larger items found on a pre-listing inspection will almost always also be found by the buyer’s inspector. Take the guesswork out of what “could be” found. A timely heads up for a seller helps everyone involved.

A pre-listing inspection allows time to get estimates for the potential work needed, so a realistic cost of repair is clear. In some cases knowing the potential work needed according to a professional third party also helps the seller understand a realistic asking price for the house.

HSIS Preinspection Sign K The Benefits of a Pre-Listing InspectionSellers and listing agents can avoid scrambling to find contractors and paying top dollar for repairs done specifically as requested by the buyer in a short time frame. In many cases a qualified contractor can make the needed repairs just as well as, but cheaper than, a licensed plumber or electrician.

Help market the listing with a “Pre-Inspected” sign in the front yard and the Home Inspection report on the kitchen counter. Buyers appreciate the proactive and professional characteristics that a pre-listing inspection gives a listing.

In many real estate markets around the country it is considered part of the normal process of listing a house to get a pre-listing inspection because of the benefits to everyone involved. In recent years we have seen a steady increase in demand for pre-listing inspections. The Omaha area is headed in the right direction!