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Tips for Summer Maintenance

by Steve Vacha


Every season has its maintenance and things to remember.

Number one problem for most home owners is not controlling surface water.  Extensions as needed and keep gutters clean.

Maintaining sprinkler systems:   VHall 007erify it is working correctly and there are no broken pipes or spray heads especially next to the foundation.

Keep male dogs away from AC units.  This is probably one of the most costly things to overlook.  Male dogs seem to like marking their territory at the AC unit.  The acid in the urine will destroy the fins at the AC unit and new coils might need to be installed at the unit.

Maintain the AC unit.  Keeping it clean of debris will make it more efficient.  Keeping it level is important for the compressor and its lifespan.

Add insulation if needed at the attic for cooling efficiency and maximum comfort in your home.

Keep exterior surfaces well caulked as needed.   Windows, doors and even the concrete at the driveway in some situations.

Keep wood  and siding well sealed and painted.  The wood we have to use on our newer homes, must be kept sealed and painted or it will deteriorate quickly.  Keeping these surfaces well protected will prevent expensive repair bills.

Plant flowers for the good of us all!