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20161010_153132Possibly the most neglected appliance in your home is the water heater. As long as we turn on the tap and get hot water, it rarely crosses our minds. But there are some recommended maintenance practices you should take to help extend the life of your unit.

It is recommended that several gallons of water be drained every 6 months to a year to prevent sediment build up in the tank and increase heating efficiency.

Some models have an air intake screen at the very bottom of the unit. This needs periodic cleaning to allow combustion air to the burner.

Another somewhat less routine maintenance item is checking the anode rod. This is a rod that hangs in the water to help decrease corrosion. The rod is also referred to as a “sacrificial rod”. It is made out of zinc, aluminum, magnesium or a combination of these. This rod will deteriorate before the steel tank material thus “absorbing” much of the corrosive effects of the water. It is recommended that you begin checking the condition of this rod 3 years after the water heater has been installed.

Now you know how to show your water heater some love. Taking these steps will extend its life cycle and save you money in the future.