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Did you buy a house without an inspection and now you want to know what you bought? Having an inspection post-close is becoming more and more common in this market. Learn about the condition of your new home, what requires maintenance or may need some updating in the future. A post-close inspection is a must for those who want to be “in the know” when it comes to their new home.

The frightening reality of the current housing market is that many buyers are skipping inspections.

This of course means taking on a huge amount of risk. But, what about after you buy a home? You’ll want to know what you bought, how to maintain it, what repairs are needed for safety right away, and what repairs you need to budget for. Any issues with your new home are not going to go away just because you don’t know about them.

A post-close inspection will provide objective expert information about your home and can absolutely save you money in the long run. It will also reduce a lot of worry, because you’ll know what to expect.