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Most buyers tend to spend most of their time looking at the interior of a house during a showing. Interior finishes and floorplans are most important in many peoples’ minds.  At times, harsh weather such as extreme heat, cold or rain and snow can keep people from spending too much time around the outside the house.  We home inspectors get to enjoy the elements, rain or shine!

I find it is the concerns at the exterior of a house that represent some of the largest repair costs a buyer may negotiate with the seller over, or worst case scenario; will be paying for down the road (if not made aware of).

Roof, siding, window, and foundation conditions are all integral to a house’s well-being. Agents and buyers who do not come from a construction background can overlook these consequential concerns or simply not have the opportunity to uncover them during a showing. Tim Inspects Chimney What is Not Seen

When I inspect new construction, it is often the exterior where I find need for fine tuning.   Lack of, or improper caulking, improper roof and flashing installation, and poor grading are some of the more common concerns.  Just this last month I found two newly constructed homes that needed grade work.  In both cases the sod had to be removed, grade improved, and sod re-installed.  This sounds like a lot of work, but poor drainage can cause problems down the road that require much more work.

Houses that aren’t brand new have often been improperly repaired, patched or “improved” over the years.  People are very creative.   Last week upon close inspection of an electrical service attachment, while on the roof, I noticed the seller had attached the main supply line to the house with a rope.  Not recommended.

As someone who sees substantial concerns in homes every day, I would strongly suggest recommending a home inspection – even if it is for informational purposes only.   Your buyer will appreciate your recommendation!