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I have worked with Home Standards Inspection Services as the inspection coordinator for 6 months now. At first, I didn’t know quite what to expect.  I came from a large, bustling corporate environment which I thrived in due to my competitive nature and attention to customer service. I liked the idea of working from home, but was worried about how quiet it might be.

Then, as weather started warming up, the phones began to ring, and ring, and ring. The hours started to fly by as the inspection requests rushed in. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know agents that are friendly and professional.  I’ve listened carefully to the needs of their clients.  Talking to excited first-time home buyers who are having the same emotions that my kids had when buying their first home, is fun.  I learn something new every day from the clients and agents I talk to.  This process is infectious and I love it. Sue photo

I have fully embraced helping clients with their home buying experience.  On occasion, there is that call from the client who may be having an issue or question with something that was inspected. I listen to their concerns and direct them to their inspector who then works with that client for a happy resolution. Knowing our inspectors go above and beyond to make sure the client is satisfied makes me proud to be a part of this group of individuals that honestly care.

I appreciate that real estate is a small community and we work to support each other.  We receive many positive comments about our inspectors and the company from clients and realtors- “that’s why we love you guys” is one I hear quite often.  I have found my happy place, and look forward to working with everyone for a long time to come.

-Sue Josoff, Inspection Coordinator